A Blow Out Sale For Canadians Too

A Blow Out Sale For Canadians TooMarijuana continues to be legalized in different states around America, but Canada has made the big leap to become the first developed nation to legalize recreational marijuana use on a Federal level. For businesses in Canada, this means that there’s a huge opportunity to exploit the “first mover advantage” of being in a country with Federal guidelines and policies to ensure safe, legal, quality growth, harvesting, distribution, sales and use of marijuana.

And while the USA hasn’t quite caught up, there are plenty of businesses in different states ready to help Canada and Canadian marijuana businesses to take those first, bold, pioneering steps! We have a big sale going on right now on a variety of different products, and the best part is, we ship to Canada.

All Basics Covered

Vaping is one of the newest, safest and most comfortable ways to consume marijuana, but it does require specialized equipment to be done properly. Marijuana oil in cartridges, vaporizers themselves, and the batteries required to power different vaporizers of different shapes, sizes and styles are all needed for modern, safe vaping of marijuana.
Our sale ensures that investors and businesses looking to get a head start on a good supply of these marijuana vaping paraphernalia can enjoy safe, quality goods that can get to their destination quickly. The products are already here, in California, so when an order from the sale comes through, there’s no waiting for a ship coming from China to take weeks to arrive before the goods are finally sent to Canada.

Because our inventory is already here, when you take advantage of our sale, it will go to Canada quickly. And speed is critical now, as Canada moves into its first full year as a nation with legalized marijuana. Sales have already shown that Canada has pulled in over CAD$ 1 billion in just two and a half months of legalization. Not surprisingly, to accompany that figure, the demand is still outstripping the supply, with the local businesses having the dream problem not having enough marijuana or related paraphernalia and accessories to keep up with the dam burst.

Get Ready Now

With a sale on vape supplies, now is the time for businesses in Canada to start stockpiling, if that’s even possible when demand is this strong. Get the batteries, cartridges, and vaporizers you need, along with the option to brand or customize them to reinforce your business identity.

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